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What is the process of dropping domestic violence charges in FL?

Miami, FL |
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My fiance was recently arrested for what the cope consider to be a battery felony charge dealing with domestic violence. I know he did not harm me. However, we were mugged right as the cops were showing up and therefor, I had visible injuries. How can I drop these charges in FL?

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  1. You cannot. The State Attorney's Office is the agency in charge of following through with the charges, even if you ask them not to. You may tell the State Attorney your preferences regarding the charges and the State Attorney may dismiss them, but the State Attorney does not have to. It may want to continue the prosecution forward. What has occurred before, however, is that the State Attorney needs your cooperation and testimony before a judge and/or jury to convict your fiance. You must, of course, cooperate with the process, but if you do not, they usually will not continue with the case.

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  2. Your fiance should hire a lawyer ASAP. His lawyer can then interview you about what happened the night you were mugged. Once you and the lawyer have an opportunity to speak the lawyer can decide what is the best avenue to take.

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