What is the process for transferring guardianship of a minor (16) from his parents (willingly) to a family friend in Indiana

Asked over 3 years ago - Indianapolis, IN

The child and parents are currently residents of Quebec.

I would like to know the steps we all must collectively undergo. I am unsure if a lawyer would be necessary, what forms we would need, and who we would need to contact.

Thank you

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  1. Jeffrey Allan Flores

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    Answered . You need to Petition your court for guardianship of the child. You need to file in your local court, along with a consent to guardianship signed and notarized by the parents. This is something that would be difficult to do yourself. Althought I have outlined the general method, there are a number of steps involved which are adeptly handled by an experienced lawyer. I am likely outside your area, but I am sure you can find an attorney through Avvo that practices where you live.

    Best of Luck, Jeff

  2. Eliz C A Johnson

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    Answered . An Indiana attorney has not yet responded so I will give it a shot. Different jurisdictions have time limits of residency that may apply. In this case, the parents can give permission to the generous friend in Indiana to raise the child and can sign a power of attorney form for the immediate needs of the child. It should be an Indiana POA, not Canadian. That may then allow Friend to Petition only in IN for guardianship. Parents can sign the Indiana guardianship papers when they bring the child to Indiana

    See: http://www.in.gov/judiciary/selfservice/faq.html

    There are a lot of resources listed on the court's site in general.

    Use the AVVO.com web site to find an attorney in your area. In addition to that, contact your local bar association for referral to an attorney who specializes in this. Often, but not always, the attorney will do an initial consultation free of charge. You will then be in a better position to determine what to do next. Best of luck to you!

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