What is the procedure to get industrial zoning changed to residential zoning in Seattle (specifically SODO)?

Why is there no residential development in SODO--is this mainly because of health regulations, or because the city is trying to protect manufacturing? Do you think residential development in the area is inevitable? Thanks for sharing your expertise.

Seattle, WA -

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Brandy Ann Peeples

Brandy Ann Peeples

Land Use / Zoning Attorney - Frederick, MD

Most cities have what are known as "Comprehensive Plans" or "Comprehensive Growth Plans" which detail present-day zoning and where the city or municipality intends to expand in the coming years. These plans, which are periodically redone, are very detailed and incorporate input from various property owners. Much goes into the zoning classifications for properties in these plans, and the comprehensive plan analysis can take a period of years.

Before discussing hypotheticals, you may want to look at Seattle's comprehensive plan (if there is one). You may find the answer to your question there. If not, to petition for a rezoning you must be a property owner or have a bona fide interest in a parcel of property to request such a change.

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