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What is the procedure for contesting a speeding ticket received in the state of NV

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My 18 year old son got a speeding ticket for doing 83 in a 70 zone in Goldfield, NV on his way from Reno (where he attends college) to Vegas (home). The bail amt is $207 but the paperwork he received with the ticket indicated that he could pay $622 plus traffic school to have it reduced to a no point violation. This amount seems exorbitant but for him to go to court would require a 4+ hour round trip and a missed day of college classes. Do we have any alternatives to reudce this $ amount?

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You don't. He can take the point and only pay $207 if he has no money. If he doesn't want the point he''s going to have to pay the statutory costs. If he doesn't want to do either he must go to court regardless of the time it takes him. Courts regard their time as the first priority, not your son's.

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A lot depends on where the ticket was issued. In some courts a lawyer may appear on behalf of your son and perhaps have the fine or other penalties reduced (maybe significantly).

Here are the websites of the counties that are potentially involved

If you find out which county it is in and contact a lawyer who practices there, you may be able to save your son the trouble of the trip.

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He must go to court no matter how much time it takes him if he does not wish to simply pay the citation. Courts are not interested in your son's schedule as much as their own docket.

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