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What is the probability that I will go to jail even though this is my first offense, and first time ever getting in trouble?

Roswell, NM |

I was 18 at the time, I haven't been charged yet, but the police took my computers and cellphone for evidence. I think I might be charged with child pornography. (Girls age 14 and up) and soliciting a minor through the Internet. I've never met the girl In person nor did I have physical contact with her. This is my first offense, and I'm very scared!

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  1. A lot of first offenders avoid prison at your young age. However there are two factors that are working against you. First, Roswell judges are quick to send people to jail. It's the conservative mentality do the crime do the time.

    The second would work against you no matter where you lived and that the nature of your offense. You will be treated as a sex offender and even a child pedophile. Judges flush pedophiles down the toilet. If you avoid prison where others don't it will be because there was no contact and because you are not much older than your so-called victims. I know it's hard what you are going through but no matter what you'll make it through somehow.

    Can your family afford a lawyer?

  2. I agree with Mr. Aarons, but I also think there isn't enough information about your case to figure out what's likely to happen.

    The best advice now, which you have already been given by Mr. Aarons, is remain silent. You don't have to make a statement to anyone, and it can hurt your case to make statements.

    It's perfectly fine for you to tell anyone who wants to talk to you about this case that you want to speak to a lawyer before you make any statements.

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