What is the privacy act name that protects my medical records privacy?

what is the privacy act or OR statue, Fed statue that protects my medical records as confidential?

Portland, OR -

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Christine C McCall

Christine C McCall

Administrative Law Lawyer - Pasadena, CA

HIPAA. General info here: http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/index.html

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Scott Michael Swafford

Scott Michael Swafford

Privacy Attorney - Annapolis, MD

While I agree that HIPAA does provide some protections of certain medical records, you should be aware that these protections are somewhat limited based upon who has access to the records, and that violations of HIPAA do not themselves provide a private right of action as a remedy, although such violations may act as evidence to bring state-law based causes of action. Consult a privacy attorney in Oregon, as state laws vary widely in this regard.

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