What is the pract/proc of an oral sg's dental asst who placed her hand over the throat until heavy pressure made pt not breathe

My 20 year old daughter had 4 wisdom teeth extracted this a.m. My mom and I heard my daughter choking in another room while we waited. I asked the receptionist if she was ok and she said it was someone else waiting and then said the person was in recovery. My daughter wanted to write me a message and the nurse said she couldnt. Well, she did and told me that she remembered choking and the dentist shoved bite supports in her mouth and the same nurse applied heavy pressure on her throat until she couldnt breathe. The first thing the dentist said was she may not remember a lot due to the anesthesia-ok. My daughter was trying to tell him her allergies were draining, despite the O2 in her nose and was hard to breathe, but he kept shoving stuff in her mouth. She's traumatized. I don't blame her.

Walnut, CA -

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Terrence Marc Rubino

Terrence Marc Rubino

Personal Injury Lawyer - Dyer, IN

unless she has some permanent problem stemming from the experience, there is not a viable case that a reputable lawyer would take on a contingency. hopefully she is fine and recovered. good luck.

Matthew Decker Trollinger

Matthew Decker Trollinger

Personal Injury Lawyer - Waldorf, MD

If she is still having difficulty with this experience then she needs professional psychological or emotional care. From that meeting with the psychologist or psychiatrist, you may be able to determine whether further action is necessary.

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