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What is the possible outcome for me with a charge of Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon in Dallas, Tx court system.

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I have no record at all not even traffic and I am a respectable civil servant with a city government for 7 years now. The charge stems from a verbal threat supposedly made to my wife on the day in question of the offense. There were no other witnesses, only myself and my wife. The charge only stems from her statement made to the Dallas police during an argument the very next night when she called 911. She did not feel threatened enough to call 911 on the night I supposedly threatened to kill her by pointing a 22 rifle at her which did not happen. Nothing happened at all the night of the 911 call, only verbal altercation. The previous night we got into a mutual physical fight that did not involve any weapon at all, especially not myself threatening her with a 22 rifle to kill her. What now

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You probably shouldn't be providing details on a public forum. For this kind of charge you could be facing serious prison time or deferred adjudication. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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My answers are intended only as general legal advice and are not intended to create an attorney-client relationship. There is no substitute for a full consultation with a local experienced criminal defense attorney. For more answers based on my 19 years of experience visit my website,


You cant talk or reason your way out of this. You need an attorney. If your wife is the only witness, they can't prove it if she invokes her right against self-incrimination. She could have consequences for that however.

Trying to solve this problem on your own is like taking vitamins to beat cancer.

There is no confidentiality online. You are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. If you cannot find an experienced local criminal litigator on Avvo, a good place to look is the website for the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers ( Speak to several attorneys and hire the one that makes you feel confident and comfortable. NACDL local members: ( NACDL Local affiliates:

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A public place on line like avvo is not the proper place to air out the dirty laundry. Many prosecutors know that avvo exists and they, too, can read what is said here. And, it can be subpoenaed.

What you need to do is to get a good criminal defense lawyer to sit down with you and give you an evaluation of your situation and advice specific to your situation.

Answers on Avvo are for general information purposes only and should not be relied upon as legal advice. No attorney / client relationship is created by providing this answer. For specific advice about your situation, you should consult a competent attorney of your choosing.


Well, you hire an experienced defense attorney. If you are not already indicted, an attorney may be able to prevent that. If you do get indicted, your attorney will work the case with the prosecutor from there. Dallas County has an open file policy. So the DA will give your attorney copies of all of their evidence and make an offer. Your attorney will review the evidence with you and evaluate the offer. Eventually, you'll either come to a plea agreement or have a trial.

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