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What is the possibility deferred adjudication first time shop lifting under $150 in Texas?

League City, TX |
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It was 100% my fault. I made a rash, horrible decision shop lifting diabetic test strips because I was out & needed them desperately. I now realize that the worst despair is being handcuffed in front of hundreds, looked at with contempt by law officials,& the shame of friends, loved ones, & family knowing. I will never forgive myself. But it was a 1st time offense & I swear to God the one & only for the rest of my life.
That aside, I need to know what are the chances of getting deferred adjudication for a 1st time offense, under $150. I'm told it's a class B misdemeanor. A law official at the county jail told me I should go talk to the JP before my court date to ask for deferred adjudication being it was a 1st time & bc I was offered a job with the county I live in which I could lose now.

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    Deferred probation will definitely be an option. You may also qualify for a pretrial diversion program, which results in an outright dismissal. I think there is a good chance given the facts and your lack of a criminal history that an attorney may be able to get it dismissed completely. Best of luck.

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  2. You really should seek out the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer ASAP. That attorney can guide you and advise you about the programs that may be available to avoid a conviction.

    Most criminal defense lawyers do not charge for the first consultation.

    Answers on Avvo are for general information purposes only and should not be relied upon as legal advice. No attorney / client relationship is created by providing this answer. For specific advice about your situation, you should consult a competent attorney of your choosing.

  3. If you don't have a prior history, I think your chances are good, and as long as you are actually talking about a theft of under $50 (I think that's what you mean, not $150), you'll be eligible to have your records expunged in two years as long as you're successful with the deferred disposition requirements. Your chances of getting there are going to be better with an attorney, and representation shouldn't be that expensive for a Class C case like this. I know the whole thing seems like an enormous disaster right now, but as long as it gets handled correctly, it really doesn't have to be the end of the world for you. Good luck.

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