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What is the points and fines for blocking traffic at the intersection

San Francisco, CA |

Entered intersection under green light. Traffic stopped before changing to Red.
Cited for blocking two lane of traffic.
What are the point and fine (in San Francisco downtown)?
Can the points be corrected by going to traffic school ?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. There are no points for this offense. You can determine the amount of the fine by calling the clerk of the traffic court in SF. Dial 551 0651 and follow the prompts to traffic court. You can settle this by going to traffic school if you have no other traffic offenses in the last 18 months.

  2. The fact that you entered while green and then could not move does not make this an offense that gives any points. Going to traffic school does not seem appropriate when no points are assessed. You did not give the vehicle code violation to adequately respond.