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What is the penalty for recanting a sworn statement on a police report?

Toms River, NJ |

back in march, i was the victim of an assault case. i lied on my sworn statement because my boyfriend was cheating on me and the girl he was cheating on me with assaulted me...when giving the a statement to the police i lied and said my boyfriend assaulted me for various reasons... hes now facing jail time and i went and told the police what really happened and recanted my statement. now the police are talking about giving me a bunch of 4th degree charges, and im scared... what r the remifications, and how do i seek guidance in fixing this whole mess... please help me....

thank you

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The police can charge you with a 4th degree offense for false swearing and/or providing false information to the police. A 4th degree is a felony, however there is no presumption of incarceration for a first-time offender. Further, you may be eligible (depending upon your record and circumstances) for a diversionary program which would prevent you from having a criminal record.

Best of luck!

Adam S. Malamut, Esq.

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