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What is the penalty for non payment of child support amounting to over $100,000?

Sidney, OH |

My ex took off with the kids from Ohio (where the custody agreement was finalized) to California. I haven't known where they were and now there is the amount of $111,000 on my credit report. If I get arrested will they take me to CA? Can I get an attorney here in OH to help me with this? Any advice you can give will be appreciated. Thanks.

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    First, you need to find the child support order that was entered by the court that contains the authority to assess you this large sum of past due child support. Are you aware of this order? Did you sign it or have an attorney sign it on your behalf? Or, was it entered by the court without your knowledge? First talk to an Ohio attorney because it sounds like the original order was entered in Ohio. That attorney may be able to make payment arrangements for you with the child support enforcement department for the state. This is very important because there is uniform child support enforcement by every state and you could be arrested and be put in jail if you do not address this issue.

    Know that child support and the parenting plan are not related, in that, just because you haven't seen the children does not mean you don't owe child support if you are the obligor to pay child support to the other parent. There are other remedies, such as contempt of the parenting plan, if you were entitled to parenting time, along with a possible requirement for notice by the custodial parent before moving out of the school district.

    This all assumes the other parent is the custodial parent. If you were the custodial parent, you may have a case for parental kidnapping. It is imperative that you talk to an attorney as soon as possible about your situation and bring all the court documents regarding this case with you when you meet with the attorney. Best wishes!

    My response does not constitute legal advice but is provided for the purposes of advertising and education. Please contact an Ohio attorney if you wish to obtain confidential legal counsel.

  2. You need to seek a consultation with a local attorney on this matter. You need to take with you the court orders on the custody agreement and on any child support. The first thing you need to address is modification of the child support order so that it does not continue to accrue. You also need to review and address the issue of Mother's leaving the state of Ohio with the children and whether she has authority to do so. As for the past child support that is due, if you get an attorney you may be able to work out payment arrangements.

    Again, you need to seek a consultation and go over the courts orders.

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