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What is the penalty for harassment 2nd degree?

Bronx, NY |

My girlfriend is pressing charges on me due to an argument she went physical on me but I left her marks in her shoulder trying to stop her punches.I got arrested, is the first time Im arrested. The prosecutor is offering me to drop all my misdemeanor charges if I accept the only violation that I have, which is harrasment on the second degree, in New york is not considered a crime but a violation. I would like to know if the violation will affect me later on, I am a College student that qualifies for the Dream ACT if the goverment passes it in the future, and I dont want to put that in jeopardy if the violation may affect me to be elegible for it, and I also I dont want immigration knocking at my door because of the violation Can anyone help me, Im sure Im not the only one in this situation

I never been arrested in my life, The Police just came and arrested me without telling me anything

Attorney Answers 1

  1. If the prosecutor is offering to drop the misdemeanor charges to a reduced plea to the violation, then it sounds like he is offering to "plea bargain" with you. This means that there should be a specific punishment they expect of you in exchange for the reducing the charges. You should speak with your current lawyer to find out what that punishment is. If you accept the offer and fail to do the punishment, or get in new trouble or violate any orders of protection, you face up to 15 days in jail.

    I am unfamiliar with the Dream ACT so I cannot comment on that.

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