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What is the penalty for contempt of court violation of child visitation?

Tampa, FL |

I live out of state and have a visitation order from a divorce. When it is time for my visits, my ex comes up with reasons and excuses of why i cant see my child. The reoccurring one is that my kid tells me she doesnt want to see me the week of visitation. My child and I have a great relationship. She will say shes mad at me (cant explain why) and that she doesnt want to see me. My child is only 5 years old!! Her mother used to do this BEFORE the visitation order as well. I dont have money to buy tickets to fly to FL for them not to be home. What types of penalties will the court impose on my ex for violating the order and turning the child against me? I am becoming tired of the situation and its not fair to my child to be deprived of a father.

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    I agree with the advice of the prior post. However, you should probably act now in order for the Judge to see that you are not going to stand by and let this happen. Sometimes a Judge will look at a Contempt case based on how the parties react to a situation. If the Court knows that you are taking a proactive stance to see your children, the Court will view the case differently than if you let it go on.

  2. Well, depending on how many times she has done this to you the penalties will increase. The Court could hold her in contempt of court and fine her with your attorney's fees and costs associated with the botched visitation. You would want to make sure that you have documented that you designated the dates you were coming to florida and if she actually consents ( not sure if you get this from your question) and then renegs on the agreement. That woudl be ideal for court. You have a long road to go, if she is also interferring with you skyping to your child that would also show the court how she is attempting to alienate you.

    Good luck.

    Kathy George, Esq.

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