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What is the penalty for collecting unemployment while working in NV?

Las Vegas, NV |

Went back to work full time but still collected benefits for a few months. I am ready to pay back everything that was overpaid. Will I be charged with fraud or face jail time if I pay back the money in full?

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You could be charged with a felony, but often they offer to settle for repayment of the benefits. But, a zealous prosecutor could easily convict you of a crime here, so step lightly. Ultimately, do not incriminate yourself. Contacting the unemployment board to do the right thing would be a mistake because you could end up losing your ability to receive unemployment benefits in the future.

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Thank you for your help! I do have another question. If the unemployment office requests a statement of all hours worked at a new job so they can make a determination of how much I was overpaid. I am assuming sending that information would be incriminating myself. Is it wise to let them base the determination on the info they already have? Then wait for them to to send me a statement telling me how much I need to pay back? I want to cooperate and pay the money back but go about it the right way so I do not face prosecution. I don't want it to seem as though I am ignoring the issue.


Before you do anything, you should consult privetly with a criminal defense attorney. Sometimes they can arrange a plea deal before you are actually charged with these federal crimes. Thank you and I wish you the best of luck!

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As Tom mentioned, the likely result is that you will incur penalties and fees for fraudulent collection of unemployment. This is not dischargeable in bankruptcy, either. You can also be charged criminally, although they will be more merciful if you do pay it back in full, and if you are proactive and pay it without any complaint against you they are not likely to do so.

Clark County, Nevada practitioner.

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