What is the penalties for failing to yield at oncoming traffic while making a left turn and getting into a serious accident?

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I was traveling Northbound and was making a left turn at a green light in a three way intersection after letting a vehicle pass in the opposite direction going Southbound. The next thing I knew a collision occured. It was serious enought that the airbags deployed in both cars. The passenger in the other car was taken to the hospital for trauma. I went to the hospital the next day for the same. Now I they (all five passengers) have retained an attourney and are planning on suing me. Althought I received a citation for failing to yeild to traffic. Its been recinded and I now have a madatory case action to appear in court befor a judge. It sounds serious. I can not afford an attourney, what are my options? What sort of penalities or judgment can be made against me?

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FYI: I have been very cooperative with my Insurance carrier. I have even given a sworn deposition. I am worried that I may have to make resitution in excesss to the limits of my liability coverage. What are penalities or scenarious I could face?

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  1. Michael Evan Greenspan

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    Answered . Presumably you have auto insurance. Please contact your insurance company immediately. The carrier will hire an attorney at its expense to defend you. You must cooperate with your carrier and provide the carrier with copies of any letters or the Summons that you will receive from the attorney for these people

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  2. Clifford M. Miller


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    Answered . You should notify your auto insurance carrier immediatelyYou should notify your auto insurance carrier immediately!

    You are facing lawsuits from everybody that was injured in the crash and the amount of damages they seek against you will depend only on the severity of their injuries.

    The results of the traffic court case you are facing will have no connection to the civil cases that the injured people may file against you. This assumes the traffic case against you is not criminal and that you do not plead guilty.

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  3. Charles B. Upton II

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    Answered . Contact your insurance carrier immediately.

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  4. Christian K. Lassen II


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    Answered . Simply report the accident to your insurance company, and they will provide a lawyer to defend.

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  5. Olga Porven

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    Answered . It sounds like you have been in contact with your insurance company and have been cooperative. You should speak with the adjuster handling your case on your behalf from your insurance and see if the insurance can settle this matter prior to litigation. If you are served with a Complaint you must put your insurance carrier on notice and forward the Complaint (certified mail - you need proof that you have placed them on notice of the claim) and request representation. In addition, look at your policy and see what your policy limits are. You may need to seek private counsel in addition to the attorney provided by the insurance.

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