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What is the odds that my children live/remain with me if my husband and I get a divorce?

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My husband makes six times the amount that I do. He is a good father, however I am the go to /more involved parent. I want them to remain living with me, but I know that he will contest this.

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  1. If the two parties cannot reach an agreement then the court will determine what is in the best interest of the children. A law guardian will be appointed to represent the children's interest. Work closely with your lawyer to obtain the best result. Good luck.

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  2. The court must decide what is in the children's best interest when deciding custody. If you are both involved, that should continue because it will be best for the children. However, if you are more involved and take care of the children more, it may also be best for that to continue. That your husband makes more money than you does not mean that he will have a higher likelihood of being awarded custody. If he does pursue custody, it may be because he does not want to pay child support ot you. But, it is hard to give you a concrete answer without fully investigating your case. You should consult with a local attorney and work on a strategy to get where you want to go.

  3. The fact that your husband makes six times the amount you do, does not mean that he will prevail in a custody battle, and the fact that you are the go to parent doesn't meant that you will prevail. The court will consider what is in the best interests of the children when making a custody determination. There is also a trend toward granting the parents a shared custodial arrangemen,t if the parents schedule would permit such a schedule. It is always best if you and your husband can agree to a parenting schedule. How old are the children?

  4. The best interest of the children is always the standard used by the court to determine the ultimate outcome of a custody battle.
    The court will look at many factors in making this determination. Income is only one such factor and, standing alone, is not at all dispositive of the end result.
    The court may appoint a law guardian, who is an attorney, for your children. The law guardian will interview your children and may contact experts appointed to the matter, such as psychologists, psychiatrists and/or other doctors, to effectively advocate for your children.
    I strongly advise you to contact local counsel in order to obtain advice specific to your situation.

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