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What is the normal procedure/process of pa restraining order hearings?

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what is the normal procedure/process of pa restraining order hearings? if someone places restraining order against me (its not me, but for examples sake) and i get served with the hearing time date info etc. what should i expect to occur at this hearing and what happens if i do not show up?

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If you do not show up, a PFA will be issued against you



pfa is different than a restraining order? because restraining order has been petitioned and granted this afternoon against my friend today. he wants to know what happens if he doesnt attend the hearing next week,



and how many Continuances are granted if he is a no show?


Assuming you're talking about a Protection from Abuse order, the procedure is to file a petition under the Act, have a judge review it, serve it on the other party,and go to the court hearing. If you're a defendant in such a case, and you've been served but don't come to the court hearing, just as my colleague said, you'll likely have an order entered against you.

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Pennsylvania does not have restraining orders. We have Protection from Abuse orders. At a hearing you will be given the opportunity to enter into an agreement or present your side of the story. A judge will then decide whether the petitioner has presented sufficient evidence that a PFA is warranted.

If you have been served and you do not show up, you risk that a final PFA will be granted against you and a warrant may be issued for your arrest.

You can learn more about the PFA process here:

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