What is the next step in the process of probate court ? How do i get this matter resolved and closed so i can move on

I filed as Les pendent mum-ant of title and i had hired a lawyer only to help with setting the court date to get the letters of testamentary . So after i was handed the letters i proceeded to a find all of the assets of the estate and filed for ens tax number for the estate.. (OK in not blood related to the loved one who has passed and surprised me with this seemingly small task that turned into a nightmare thats got me 15k out of pocket and playing phone tag with a lawyer who is only there to take payment it seems..Ive done everything to the judges order and the will of testament .. Now a long lost sibling sister of the deceased has come out of the hills to claim what she says is hers.. That sister also switched the houses titles into her name 2 weeks after the death of deceased.Self proving

Dallas, TX -

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David M. Pyke

David M. Pyke

Probate Attorney - Dallas, TX

Muniment of Title does not get you letters testamentary, and from what you describe, I can't tell where you are in the process and what needs to be done. If the lawyer is not available after paying $15000, then find another lawyer. You need a lawyer's guidance. This is simply too complex to answer in this type of forum without a face-to-face interview.

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Steven John Clausen

Steven John Clausen

Probate Attorney - The Woodlands, TX

I suggest you contact a board certified estate and probate attorney in Dallas who can advise you regarding what needs to be done once he understands the actual status of the probate proceeding, which is not clear from your post.

Joseph Michael Pankowski Jr

Joseph Michael Pankowski Jr

Probate Attorney - Stamford, CT

Attorney Pyke is correct. It is very difficult to tell where you are in the process, but as you can tell, it is a maze. You need a solid probate lawyer at your side to guide you through. Good luck to you.

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