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What is the next step in an out of state removal case?

Carterville, IL |

I filed a petition for removal in IL. The 30 days is almost up after my ex was served and I have not heard anything. If he does not respond, what is the next step I need to take in order to move? Do I request to see a judge and seek a default judgment? I do not have an attorney and am not certain how to proceed.

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Your next step is to hire a lawyer. You should have done that already. Unless you know the burden for justifying a removal, you are in trouble unless your ex simply fails to participate in the case. Removal cases are not easy. Why would you risk doing this yourself?

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would you try surgery on your son step by step by asking questions of an on line service? this is somewhat analogous.

if no response is filed, do a motion for order of default. give notice. set a court date. if the resp. shows, she or he will be given time to respond. if a response is filed, then do a motion to set a trial date. the judge may appoint a lawyer for the child, or a guardian to investigate, or a 604 advisor to report.

read eckert and collingbourne ill. sup. ct. cases on what you must prove at the trial.

good luck.

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You really should hire an attorney. Removal cases are very tough to prove. If he does fail to appear, you can request a default judgment - just make sure he was properly served with the petition. Even if you obtain a default judgment, your ex can request that it be vacated within 30 days.

Nothing in this post creates an attorney-client relationship. This post is not meant to serve as legal advice.

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