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What is the National Attorney Network? They seem to be involved with credit card debt. Is this a collective that buys old debt

Costa Mesa, CA |

I called the original creditor (Capital One Bank) and was referred to a phone number that answers as the National Attorney Network. They asked for my account info, etc. I didn't give it because I don't know what's going on here.

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    They are debt collectors.

    According to their website: "The National Attorney Network (NAN®), created by and a division of TSYS Debt Management (TDM), is the nation's largest legal collections network, serving retailers, banks, finance companies and debt buyers. NAN facilitates and manages the placement of legal collection cases at the account level from the creditor to the collection law firm, enabling clients to manage large volumes of legal accounts with fewer employees and minimal costs. NANdirect, one of NAN's many services, provides secure electronic placement, recalls, on-line audit capability and robust reporting."

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  2. They are debt collectors

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  3. Typically, whoever takes over collections of an account will send a letter to the last known address of the borrower in which they will state they have taken over the duties of collecting for a particular debt, for which client (creditor), how much is claimed to be owed, and state their contact information: phone numbers, address, a reference #. Under Fair Debt Collection Act, the collection agency must mail you this letter within a few days of any telephone contact with you.

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