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What is the minimum-maximum time in jail for trafficking oxycodone?

Hobe Sound, FL |

I was set up by a so called friend of mine to deliver oxycodone to her cousin. I went to the location and the transaction took place and the next thing you know I was arrested. Isn't this entrapment?

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First of all, I don't suggest that you discuss or admit any facts of the case on a public forum such as this. Both the minimum and maximum sentences depend on the weight of the oxycodone. Entrapment is an affirmative defense which requires you to prove government inducement of the crime and a lack of predisposition on the part of the defendant to commit the crime. If your friend was an agent of the government and you have no prior history of involvement in this type of offense, it is a possible theory. You should contact an attorney immediately to prepare your defense.


The mandatory minimum sentence depends on the weight of the pills involved. 4-14 grams = 3yrs, 14-28 grams 15 years and over 28 grams is 25 years. Entrapment could very well be a defense. Once the defense of Entrapment is raised The state will have to prove you were predisposed to commit the crime. You need an attorney to discuss the various defenses.

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