What is the minimum insurance coverage required under Obamacare?

Asked about 2 years ago - Kittanning, PA

If I am understanding correctly, every American citizen as of next year is going to be required to have health care coverage. What is the bare minimum coverage you have to have to avoid penalty?

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    Answered . Are you referring to Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)? If so, it will depend on the health care exchanges established in your State.

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    Answered . The bare minimum will be the cheapest policy offered by an approved healthcare insurer in Pennsylvania. What differs the most between policies is not so much what is covered. It is the co-pays and maximums. Under the new law, Pennsylvania is a cooperating state, I believe, so the exchange system and regulations will control what will be available. It's not like auto insurance where the State sets minimum financial responsibility limits. Health insurance is supposed to make "care" "affordable". It is designed to do so by spreading out premiums among a larger base. A lot of the schemes that underwriters use to drive up premiums will become illegal or impractical as the law slowly goes into effect. Better to hope it works as planned, rather than resenting that you now have to buy insurance.

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    Answered . The new government health care program, which nearly everyone calls ObamaCare, is still in flux. Consider reading the ObamaCare Survival Guide, which I find to be a relatively apolitical first look at most of the provisions. You can be certain that health care insurance vendors will be advertising their wares. You can be an informed buyer, and avoid what the Supremen Court has ruled is a tax, the so-called penalty.

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