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What is the meaning of non trial

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my friend went to court for 3 felonies and 1 was agg robbery with a deadly weapon but i had no clue as to what was being said, my question would start as being non trial and why did they set a new date?

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Non-Trial Setting: Non-Trial is a term used to describe any setting that is not a trial of the case. So, I can surmise in the matter of your friend that there are many steps along the way that need to be addressed to prepare such a serious matter for trial. That is most likely why the new date was set. That date will not be a trial session. Instead, additional things about the case will be discussed in open court.

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Depending on the judge and the court coordinator, a case will be set on the docket, and possibly reset, for a variety of reasons. If the parties need to approach the judge to request a ruling on a motion, then it may be set for a motions docket. If the case is going to trial, it may be set on a trial docket. If it is just going to be reset/continued to get more time then it is typically reset for non-trial or non-issue or something along those lines. This can be so that either side or both can do more investigating, do legal research, or for any number of reasons. That doesn't mean that at the next setting nothing will be resolved, it is likely that the lawyer will speak with the prosecutor, review the prosecutor's evidence, offense reports, pictures or anything else which may have been investigated. All cases are very complex and can take many months, if not years to be fully investigated and resolved in the most appropriate manner.
With something as important as this, it is not good, typically, for either side to rush into resolution. Better to cover all your bases. You mention 3 felonies (not identified) and aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. Very serious charges need ample time to investigate, prepare, and evaluate. Also, one reason the accused must keep coming back to court, is if they are out on bond, it is a way for the court to verify that they are still around and have not fled the jurisdiction. Hope this helps!

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