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What is the meaning of pc 459 f charge exactly mean?

San Leandro, CA |

my nephew is charged with a pc 459 f and was not involved at all. So I'm not sure what that charge means.

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Penal Code 459 is a burglary offense. There are no sections under PC 459, as in 459(f), so I assume that the F that you are referring to is indicating it is charged as a felony. PC 459 is known as a wobbler, meaning a charge that can be filed as a felony or a misdemeanor. He needs the assistance of a criminal defense attorney ASAP, especially since he was not involved at all.


Mr. Hicks is correct. You nephew is being charged with a felony. He will need an attorney to assist him in defending himself with these charges. It sounds like he was with another individual that allegedly stole property from most likely a retail store. The fact that he is being charged with the felony means the amount of good was well over $400.
Robert Driessen


PC 459 is burglary. The "f" indicates a felony but the "f" is not part of the statute. Suffice it to say, your nephew needs help NOW. Some counties, on a first offense for a first degree burglary, depending on the criminal record, will send a person to prison, some have jail from 180-365 days. Get him an attorney RIGHT NOW. Has he bailed out? Does he have any kind of a record? Was it a house, occupied house, vehicle, business? You should discuss these things privately with an attorney, not over the internet like this. You can contact me at, my telephone number is provided there as well as a contact information sheet that IS CONFIDENTIAL. You may also contact through the information provided on this AVVO site.

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