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What is the maximum time for theft by conversion if the item was a car?

Atlanta, GA |

My husband was arrested and charged with theft by conversion. The item is a car. He is already on probation for 9 and a half years. Is this a violation of his probation and what kind of time is he facing?

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If he's convicted of the new charge, then it becomes a violation of his probation automatically. As for the maximum time he can do, it depends upon the value of the car and he may not even be guilty yet, so have him fight the case and defend himself before you start thinking about sentencing.

Speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney first and then go from there.

Good luck.

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In Georgia, Theft of a motor vehicle is a felony and carries a maximum of ten years (unless the defendant has already been convicted of motor vehicle theft in which case the maximum is twenty years). Any criminal offense while on probation can result in the revocation of some or all of the defendant's probation. Your husband's greatest jeopardy at this point is the probation because the proof required is only a preponderance and there is no jury. A hearing on a probation revocation is before the judge who placed the defendant on probation (usually). For a felony offense that serves as the basis for a violation of probation, the judge can revoke the balance of probation (that doesn't mean he will, but the judge does have that option if there is proof of the violation). Is your husband on probation for a theft related offense? What county placed him on probation? In what county did the alleged theft by conversion occur? Your husband needs an attorney who can handle the probation revocation and the underlying felony offense. Feel free to contact me for more information.

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if his previous conviction is a car theft by conversion he is looking at 20 years other wise 10 years.....the arrest most likely violates the terms of his probation.....I strongly suggest you hire an attorney as soon as possible to deal with this and let an attorney get started. Let me know if I can assist you. With regards,

P. Darrell Kimbrell

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