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What is the maximum sentence someone could receive in pa for strong armed robbery

Pittsburgh, PA |

the person involved is 34 years old has a criminal back round but no charges of violence or charges of this type robbery gun charges weapons charges and there was no weapon involved in the current charge mentioned above

Attorney Answers 3

  1. In robbery cases they normally throw in a bunch of additional charges. Without any other information, it's challenging to give you an informed answer, but the answer in short is that the person could potentially be looking at a ton of time.

  2. If it is a 1st degree felony, the max for the robbery charge would be 20 years. If a gun was involved, there could be a 5 year mandatory sentence invoked.
    You need to get a lawyer to look into the charges.
    Good luck

  3. This question cannot be adequately answered without additional information, but the max for an F-1 is 20 years.


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