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What is the maximum probation time allowed for in texas when all fines, restitution, classes, fines, have been competed and paid

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I completed two years of probation and was revoked at the last few months. I went back to court and was put on intense probation for another year. During this time i had two dirty ua's for alcohol, for which i supplied my medical records and proof of doctor prescribed cough syrup, and proof that on both occasions i had been seen by a doctor and had bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis, and asthma as well. About two weeks before i was to be done they said i had the second dirty ua, and threatened to revoke me again or extend my probation another 6 months. I was completely paid off on all fines, restitution, court costs, classes were completed and paid for, community service was done, aa meetings had all been attended, ankle monitor had been successfully worn and paid off. 3 yrs, still not off?

This is for a misdemeanor, and it is not deferred.

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  1. The maximum length of probation depends on whether it's a felony or misdemeanor and whether you received regular probation or deferred.
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  2. The court set the maximum time for probation in its original order. If for some reason probation was extended, it was done so with a court order. The court order sets the maximum time for probation.

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