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What is the maximum penalty for stealing 8 prescription oxycodone in the state of oregon?

Hillsboro, OR |

a prescription was mailed to a room mate via UPS after they passed away.The room mate was like a father to the person who stole them,and that person has had a secret addiction,in which the deceased room mate always gave them their drugs.In the midst of the grieving they made a horrible mistake,and signed a scribble when the pills came,then in the following couple of days they took 8 of them.They know it's a crime, and are just wondering what the penalty is going to be.They do not have a criminal history of this kind of thing.

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Your "friend" should talk to a lawyer right away. If police are asking questions about this the only thing that your friend should say is, "I don't want to talk to you. You can't search without a warrant. If you have a warrant I want to see it. I also want a lawyer appointed to represent me."

If your friend has already violated these rules then the answer to your question is generally 0-10 days jail for possession, possibly some concurrent time for falsification of prescription drug records, and substantially additional time if there is a delivery or resale aspect to the case. Of course, all of it will depend on a number of factors like what your friend's criminal history is, what police think they know right now, etc. The main thing is for everyone to know and assert their rights (i.e., shut up) and talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.

This post is offered as general information and is not intended as legal advice. This information does not in of itself create any attorney-client relationship.

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