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What is the likelihood of my boyfriend's parole being revoked for not complying with his parole officer?

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My boyfriend is on parole and is a registered sex offender. His stipulations were to not have a girlfriend and be around children but we ended up getting pregnant and now have a baby together. He was at the hospital when she was born but never held her. He wasn't truthful when he was asked if he was in compliance every month at his visit being that we were together. He only had 23 days left of parole when he turned himself in for having a blue warrant. What are the chances of him just getting released or a continuance of parole with stipulations before his release date which is august 1?

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It's really going to depend on the parole officer and your boyfriend's history of compliance.

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he has been a model parolee up until this and has paid and never missed a visit with the officer and has complied with all of his classes he has been required to take besides this infraction of not telling him about him having a girlfriend and now a baby. We were told he will have a hearing, but we aren't too sure if he will get revoked and have to serve his full 20 months that he initially received when he was released or if they will let him continue with the 23 days he has left. Any idea on what is more logical? He hasn't acquired any new criminal charges just this parole violation. Any more help or answers would be greatly appreciated!

Anthony Michael Solis

Anthony Michael Solis


Understood, but does he have an attorney?



the ones we have talked to told us that what we are doing is the best thing and an attorney wont help much. we are getting people together to vouch for his character and that he's not a threat to society.


I agree that this will depend on his parole officer and his behavior during his parole. Obviously, if he was a model parolee, then his chances are better that they will not revoke his parole for not being truthful about this one relationship. He needs to speak only to his attorney about this matter. He will have an appointed lawyer for his parole hearing. He may not want to waive the hearing since it sounds like you are saying he was in complianc otherwise.


Your boyfriend needs the assistance of a reputable criminal defense lawyer who handles parole revocation cases.

The situation you describe sounds very serious, but I have seen serious parole revocation situations go the parolee's way before.

Each case stands on its own facts. And, who the parole officer is can have an impact. Also, who the hearing officer is if the parolee contests revocation.

Be aware that when a blue warrant has been issued, expiration of parole prior to a revocation hearing does not mean the parole cannot be revoked.

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