What is the likelihood I will pay spousal support if my spouse and I are and have been employed over the length of our marriage?

Asked over 1 year ago - Cincinnati, OH

We've been married 10 years May 2013. Both employed the entire time. I make approx 140 / spouse makes approx 80. Both have minimal bonus. I pay insurance for family, which includes two kids (3 and 6). We both share equally to care for the kids. We're mid/late 30's, college educated (I have post grad degree during marriage, but obtained prior to kids through night school) and we live moderately below means, as house and 1 car only debt we have (minimal equity in the house). We have similar retirement, with limited pensions but a growing 401k. I understand the laws in the state I live are a bit subjective, so i tried to answer the many factors involved in a decision. Thanks for the insight.

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  1. Rachel Anne Sabo


    Contributor Level 11

    Answered . Usually, courts try to preserve the same quality of life for both husband and wife that they had during the marriage. Meaning if you did get divorced, the court may award alimony to your spouse to ensure he/she is living the same type of lifestyle that he/she was living while you were married. I would suggest consulting with an experienced divorce attorney. A great attorney is Columbus is Denise Mirman of Friedman/Mirman. If you look her up on Google, you will find her info.

  2. David Jay Sternberg

    Contributor Level 14

    Answered . With a difference of $60,000 in income, I would suspect that spousal support is a strong possibility. You need to consult with a divorce attorney who practices in Hamilton County.

    Attorney Sternberg is admitted to the practice of law only in the State of Ohio. His answering of this question... more
  3. Deborah G. Fiss

    Contributor Level 14

    Answered . If you pay child support, as the greater breadwinner, your wife might waive spousal support since it would be taxable to her. Good idea to get yourself a good matrimonial attorney in your county, per the lawyers below.

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