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What is the legal definition of burglary 1st degree in the state of Missouri?

Camp Hill, PA |

If the person did not actually enter the premises, and never had any intentions of theft,
but was under the influence of alcohol and not in control of his anger at the time, what
legal recourse does he have in amending the charges, and getting more appropriate help
in overcoming his substance dependency, rather than incarceration?

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  1. This is a question that should be reposted in the Missouri section. This should be answered by an attorney licensed in Missouri.

  2. In PA, a felony one burglary is the entry into the promises of another with the intent to commit a crime therein. Voluntary intoxication is not a defense.

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  3. As has been suggested already, you need to redirect this to MO attorneys for assistance. Good luck.

  4. I would suggest doing a google search to find that answer. The definitions of crimes are different from state to state. I would contact a Missouri criminal attorney for more info and how to advise,.

  5. Redirect the question to a criminal attorney in that state.

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