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What is the legal definition of "confidential communications" in reference to information received by Clergy?

Auburn, ME |

The Maine statute regarding who is a mandated reported states, " A clergy member acquiring the information as a result of clerical professional work except for information received during confidential communications;" Title 22 Sec.4011-A 1.A (27) Does this mean that ANY communication is considered confidential?

Attorney Answers 1

  1. As a general rule, only "confidential" communications are protected until and unless waived, so that if others are around at the time the communications are made there may have been no reasonable expectation of confidentiality. Similarly, if not made in the course of a professional consultation, such as discussing the weather with the pastor at the church barbecue, it is unlikely to be a protected communication. If you are genuinely concerned that you have suffered some damage as a result of a breach of this duty, you should promptly consult an experienced attorney convenient to yourself.
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