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What is the legal date for the landlord to turn the heat on for the winter?

Oak Park, IL |

My heat is included in my rent, my question to you is by law when do my heat suppose to be turn on.My landlord likes to turn our heat on Nov 15th. I've lived here for three and a half years and its been like this every year.My children get sick every year because of no heat in the house.I brought heaters to warm each bedroom but the sudden change in the tempture from the bedroom to the bathroom after a shower is bad for my children. What should I do? I just think that turning the heat on in Nov is just cheap and wrong.Every time I want to move they say they would change the date.But havent yet,what should I do?Is this a legal act for a landlord to conduct? In the city of chicago its the law to have the heat on by Oct 15th.

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There are set daytes depending upon where you live. I would also like to add that the heat has nothing to do with the children getting sick. If that were the case nobody would ever go out during the cold months.We tend to get sick because we are in these closed in areas more often during the cold months and spread whatever may be out there.

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