What is the legal age to register a sole proprietorship in New York.

I have recently been looking for a job. I am 17 years old. I would like to know what age I have to be to legally register my business. It will be a odd jobs sort of thing. Doing labor or such for people among other things.

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Mary Katherine Brown

Mary Katherine Brown

Business Attorney - Brooklyn, NY

I commend your entrepreneurial spirit, and no matter what anyone tells you (including me), don't let yourself be discouraged from your goals! When you say "register a sole proprietorship", what do you mean? I recommend you search the attorney profiles here on AVVO for an attorney in your area, and make some calls for a consultation. A good attorney is always a part of the business team and there' no time like the present to start building your team. You will have many questions as you start up your operation, most of which cannot be answered simply in a forum such as this, so the sooner you find an attorney you can call on for advice, the better. Good luck!

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Michael Andrew Markowitz

Michael Andrew Markowitz

Real Estate Attorney - Hewlett, NY

Q. I would like to know what age I have to be to legally register my business.

A. 18 years, at which time you will be deemed an adult.


Robin Miriam Gronsky

Robin Miriam Gronsky

Business Attorney - Ridgewood, NJ

18 is the age at which you will be an adult and can enter into contracts.

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