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What is the legal age I can move out of my parents house in Texas

Houston, TX |

Im a 17 yead old boy living in houston, texas and i was wondering if i could move out of my parebts house because i know that i am an adult at 17 in texas. My mom also wants me to move out because she says that I get in too much troble. Do I have to get any papers signed or can I just move out because I'm an adult

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For criminal purposes, you are an adult in TX at 17.

For civil purposes, that age is 18.

If your parents want you to move and won't fight, then you can move out now.

Usually at 17 the cops won't get involved. However, they can if they want to. You might want to call your local police, sheriff and constable and see what their policy is. It varies at each location.

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