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What is the importance of speeding citation errors?

Mishawaka, IN |

i got pulled over for bring "clocked " at 59 in a35, yet i know i was nowhere near that. there were obstructions in the way of the officers line of sight for his radar including incoming traffic and other foliage. .. any ways he gave me a ticket but everything was wrong on it except the time and the speed i was going. and by everything i mean everything, name(which wasn't even mine),car , drivers license number, etc.and it isn't signed. please tell me there is a way to get out of it

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  1. The only way the officer would have had another name or the info for another vehicle is if you gave him false ID and registration, as, that is what the officer uses to write the ticket. That could be charged as a Felony. Call a local criminal defense attorney to discuss you options.

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  2. You might have had a case to get the ticket dismissed because of the obstructions in his line of sight, but the information about the ticket being incorrect has just upgraded you from a traffic infraction to a felony. Additionally, the person's whose information was used will be facing a ticket on their record because of what you have done.

    The only way I can see out of this is if the officer gave you some other driver's ticket. I say this only because the information regarding the car is incorrect. This is information that the officer would have observed himself and not received from you. If this is the case then you still need to at least consult with a traffic attorney. Given that all the information belongs to another person, including the car info, it would be hard for the police to find you.

  3. There may be a way to get out of this. How did the officer get the wrong information? Does it have your address? DOB? Many unanswered questions. Take the ticket to a local criminal defense attorney to discuss.

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