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What is the gun law in Florida?

Tampa, FL |

If a convicted felon is caught in possession of a loaded gun while selling 4 kilos of cocaine, is it a LIFE sentence or does it fall in the 10-20-life? (10 for being in possession).

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  1. These are VERY serious allegations. Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon carries a 3 year mandatory minimum if the firearm was in the person's actual physical possession as opposed to constructive possession. This offense is small beans compared to the armed trafficking charge the person will be facing. It is also possible that the Feds will pick this case up. The best advice you can give you friend is to STOP talking about the case immediatley to anyone that is not an attorney. This individual needs to contact a criminal defense attorney ASAP.

  2. Agreed, contact an attorney immediately. Many of my colleagues on Avvo can be of great assistance to you, but you do not want to discuss the facts on the website.

  3. Talk about serious charges. You are facing a mandatory minimum three years prison, all the way up to 15 year prison for the gun charge alone. 4 kilos of cocaine is then an additional MANDATORY 25 years. To compound matters even more, you could be charged federally in addition to the state charges, and with the amounts involved, that becomes very likely. Get an attorney immediately. Federally, you face up to a 20 year maximum but a consecutive five years on the gun charge. When you add it all up, you are potentially looking at life.

  4. LIFE. This person needs to speak with an attorney immediately.

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