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What is the fine for having alcohol on the beach?

West Covina, CA |

im a 22 year old male, i just got a ticket for alcohol on the beach at Huntington Beach...

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You are most likely looking at an infraction for having an open container at the beach. The good news is you are over 21 years old so you do not have to worry about the potential license suspension. It will depend on what code violation the officer cited you for. You will be going to West Justice Center in Westminster. It would not hurt for you to call an attorney to fully evaluate what you are looking at.
Robert Driessen


Hi 22 year old; just go to your arraignment; the judge will give you a fine (plus penalty assessment - so that dramatically increases the total fine amount); you can pay it all on the same day as your arraignment, set up a payment plan, or ask for community service (which charges admin fees). Good Luck!


More facts are needed...was it an open container case under california law or a city or couonty law which may be an infraction or a misdemeanor. In spite of the fact you are over 21 it is never good to have any drug or alcohol conviction on your record if you EVER want a meaningful or Government related job. See a lawyer immediately in the area of the arrest. Many give free consultation. See yellow pages or AVVO for someone in Huntington beach that advertises free consultation. If necessary go to california Dui lawyers association or CACJ ..type in on google or go to my web :"links" and click on their links....there are many capable lawyers in the area. I donot fill my own cavities in my teeth and I donot anymore change my oil in my car...why take a chance with something so important. See my web "links" for a referral . If youo are a bum or a flake with no desires for something better you would still be a fool to pass up a free consulltation which almost all lawyers offer. There is also the Pulic Defender if it is amisdemeanor. I find it hard to believe anyone would even consider handling it themselves and since you are only 22 you have probably 60 years to go to be accountable for this event ...why live with the possibility it may damage a potential bright future..even a old bum, why not investigate..your "ticket" or notice to appear or citatioon may have a code section it...NO one who can even afford to visit Huntington can afford not to see an attorney...Joe Vandervoort Chico Ca 38 years dui and criminal defense

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