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What is the fastest way to repair credit after a bankruptcy?

Kent, WA |
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I've just finished the Chapter 7 process, and am wondering what I can do to repair my credit as quickly as possible?

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  1. As perverse as this sounds, the answer is probably to establish and use credit and show that you can use it responsibly (i.e., regularly pay it off). It may be difficult to find an institution that will extend you credit this soon after Chapter 7, but you can consider something like a secured credit card.

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  2. Just a thought, your inability to manage credit is what got you into bankruptcy, so don't be so anxious to start borrowing again. But, as was pointed out, you may need to get a secured credit card to start. You might also want to get a vehicle loan that you can afford and pay it off as agreed. A credit union is a good place to start to establish an improved credit history. The folks with the best credit scores are the ones who do not NEED credit, but use it wisely when the have it to use.

  3. The best way to reestablish your credit is to start using credit again. My Chapter 7 clients tell me that they get multiple credit card offers within months of their bankruptcy ending. The credit card companies know you cannot file a Chapter 7 again for 8 years, you are a good risk to them now.

  4. There is no fast solution, so stop looking for the impossible. Repairing your credit takes time & effort, which is why I have a 10 part series covering this topic among my many legal guides.

    I am posting a link to the full list for you to review. Hope this perspective helps!

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