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What is the easiest way for an inmate to request a transfer to another facility?

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Can an inmate in TDC request a transfer to another facility for educational purposes? My husband is currently in Middleton unit, they offer no educational or vocational programs. He would like to get transferred to a facility that offers some kind of training. How could he go about doing this?

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  1. He can make the request to the warden of the facility. Transfer is solely at the discretion of TDCJ and availability of space at the other facility. They may not admit him into a program until he gets closer to his release date. Good Luck

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  2. Generally, TDCJ does not grant requests to tranfer for the reasons you mention; that assessment would have been done during diagnostic based on his offense, history, and information that he provided. You might contact the Ombudsman to discuss whether there is a better way to go about making such a request and whether he would qualify.

    Cynthia Henley

  3. I agree with the previous answer concerning meeting with the Ombudsman to get assistance. Additionally you can meet with an attorney practicing Parole law to get some better direction on how to proceed.

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