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What is the easiest and fastest way to become a US citizen without a green card?

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I'm a foreign student in the US... I'm not a healthcare professional, don't have any property in the US, don't have an American boyfriend / family etc... I have nothing!!! I am over 18 years old. Then is it pretty much impossible? I'm from a rich country so I can't be a refugee I guess. What can I do? I read that if I have ties to Samoa or other US-ish islands, that counts? Is that like I can buy a piece of land or something there? I don't have too much money, though. I also read if I am a health care professional (?), I can enroll in US military to get citizenship. But that means go to war?! Are there non-dangerous positions? But how long would I have to stay in the military? I didn't even think military hired foreigners... any answers / suggestions appreciated.

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You must have a a greencard (lawful permanent resident status) first to be able to apply for U.S. Citizenship. To correct some of your statements:
One can be a refugee from a rich country as long as they can prove that they would or have suffered persecution based on their religion, political opinion, race, nationality or membership in a social group.
No, Joining the military will not get you a greencard nor U.S. citizenship and you cannot join the military unless you have at least a greencard anyway.
Its not that you would have ties to U.S. islands/territories, you'd have to be born there, just like being born in the U.S.

Generally Foreign Students on F-1 Visas, go to OPT, and then try to find a company to sponsor them for an H1-B work visa, and later try to get the same or another company to sponsor them for a greencard and then after 5 years apply for U.S. Citizenship.

Speak with an immigration attorney about your options.

Andre Olivie, Esq.

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You cannot become a US citizen without first having the green card.

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Mr. Olivie provided you with an excellent answer.

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