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What is the difference between expunge or sealing of a criminal record?

Orlando, FL |

I was charged with petty theft, but the charges were dropped by the state attorney. Which option will be best for me?

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  1. Assuming you have no prior convictions, you will be eligible to have this charge expunged. Expungment is available when a charge is dropped, nolle prossed, or no infoed. It wipes clean the arrest from your record. A seal is used when a person acutally takes a plea and receives a withhold of adjudication. Although it is something you can do yourself, I highly recommend hiring counsel. An attorney can do it much more efficiently. Good luck.

  2. You may seal the record of a case where adjudication was withheld. You may expunge a case where charges were dropped. Neither option is available to you if you have previously been convicted of anything. Good luck!!

  3. An expungement (or expunction as this is what the statute calls it) and a sealing are 99% similar--they erase all information relating to your case from the public record and with few expectations allow you to deny the fact that you were ever arrested. They are the functional equivalent. Good luck.

  4. Expunging your record is the proper option for your circumstances. We are very experienced at handling these matters and are located in Orlando, should you wish to call our office for assistance or more information. We also have a section on our website devoted to sealing and expunging your record that has some helpful information for your review.

    Posting an answer to your question does not create an attorney / client relationship such that you can or should rely on the information provided herein to take action. Instead, it is intended to simply provide you with information. I am not your lawyer and cannot provide you with legal advice unless and until I am hired to do so.

  5. I agree with the answers from the other attorneys!

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