What is the difference between DUI and DWI in Connecticut?

What is the difference between DUI and DWI in Connecticut? 1.Does the CT superior courts treat same way for 1st time offenders who got ticket with either DUI or DWI? Thanks for your response.

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Lawrence A. Newman

Lawrence A. Newman

DUI / DWI Attorney - Ithaca, NY

You definitely want to consult with a CT DUI lawyer ASAP esp if this is a refusal case. There are very serious ramifications administratively for refusing the breath test.

Penalties for refusal: immediate revocation and seizure of license
6 month revocation

The charge may not be reduced, nolled or dismissed unless the prosecuting authority states in open court such prosecutor's reasons for the reduction, nolle or dismissal.

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Christopher Gerard Frey

Christopher Gerard Frey

DUI / DWI Attorney - Odessa, FL

You should consult an attorney in Connecticut.

Charles K. Kenyon Jr.

Charles K. Kenyon Jr.

DUI / DWI Attorney - Madison, WI

DWI = Driving While Intoxicated
DUI = Driving Under the Influence

The charge in Connecticut is Driving Under the Influence which can be proven by a BAC of .08 or above.

See http://www.ct.gov/dmv/cwp/view.asp?a=813&q=271934

If you've received a ticket for DUI or DWI, you need a local DUI/DWI lawyer, now. You can lose your license before you even get to court. http://addbalance.com/duitendaywarning.htm

The field sobriety "tests" are designed so that sober people will fail them, even if they are properly done. Often, they are not properly done. Only someone with expertise in this area can recognize problems with how the tests were done. http://addbalance.com/fieldsobrietytests.htm

What to do if you are stopped when you have been drinking?

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