What is the definition of a dangerous condition in a slip and fall case

Asked almost 5 years ago - New York

Could someone please explain what is a dangerous condition in a trip and fall? How does one prove what is or isn't a dangerous condition?

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  1. Ronald Anthony Sarno

    Contributor Level 20

    Answered . There is in law a doctrine called "assumption of risk" which basically means if someone freely enters a "dangerous condition" then they are legally responsible for the injury caused to themself. Of course what a defendant considers an "obvious dangerous condition" may not appear that way to the person who was harmed. This is a complex area of personal injury litigation, and you really need to confer with an experienced personal injury lawyer about the situation. If you are doing this without counsel, and you are the injured party, I assure you the defendant will claim the person harmed should have noticed the dangerous condition and not say a word about the defendant being aware of the dangerous condition or being the cause of it. If you are located outside of the NYC-Long Island area please use the avvo lawyer directory to find a personal injury lawyer near you. If you live in the NYC-Long Island area, my law firm will be happy to provide you with a free consultation about how a "dangerous condition" is determined by NYS juries.

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  2. Diana Michelle Tennis

    Contributor Level 14

    Answered . Typically the jury at a trial would decide whether or not the condition was dangerous. Sometimes it is obvious..if a reasonable person looking at it would think that the circumstances could easily cause harm or injury, then it is probably legally "dangerous". A personal injury lawyer in your state is going to be able to evaluate the actual condition you are talking about. If something has actually caused an injury and that could have happened to anyone in the normal course of things because that condition was dangerous..then it may be said to be dangerous.

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