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What is the definition of 2nd degree misdemeanor of animal abuse? What would be the consequences if found guilty?

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Mother of my grandchild was found guilty of 2nd degree misdemeanor of animal abuse. She is often in trouble with the law and I who is law abiding find it all upsetting. I am concerned for my granddaughter and her future. There also seems to be some sort of mental/behavioural problem that allows her to be on disability. I do not know the details and when I ask her she denies that there is any problem, she just can't get a job. Most of her other cases are "disturbance of peace" "harassment", "theft" etc.

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  1. Your questions can be answered by referring to Ohio Revised Code CHAPTER 959: OFFENSES RELATING TO DOMESTIC ANIMALS.

    A second degree misdemeanor carries with it a possible 90 days incarceration and a possible $750.00 fine.

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  2. My colleague has given you the statutory language, but what the judge will actually do is anyone's guess. Is she represented by an attorney? How old is the child? Where is the child's father? If you are concerned that your granddaughter is in danger than you should speak with an attorney or contact the Legal Aid Society of Columbus for a guidance:

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