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What is the current release percentage in LA COUNTY jail?

Los Angeles, CA |

I was wondering where the percentage is right now for release in LA COUNTY JAIL? Especially for those inmates serving COUNTY time NOT STATE time? For example someone charged with a Felony (non violent/non gang/non sexual) who was sentanced to 365 days with 2 days credit? Sentanced 04/05/12 and his PRD on LASD.ORG is 09/26/12 (a bit less than half or 5+ months). They are eligible for the early kick, correct? Since its not STATE time? What percentage of their PRD are they acutally doing right now? Inmate at Pitchess East as a trustee ...

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  1. 10-25% depending on the crime. This person may be eligible for an earlier release if they qualify for House Arrest (ankle monitor).

    Elliot Zarabi

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