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What is the civil demand letter going to say? Who will it be from? what will it look like? does this mean i have to go to court?

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I was at walmart when i placed 3 little items in the pocket of my hoodie that totalled about $5. While I was looking for some hair dye. when i was all done. I payed for all my other things that totaled about $15. I totally forgot about the things in my pocket, as i was walking out this man stopped me and they pulled me in a back room. I even tried to tell him that i could pay for the items and tht i forgot about it, but ovilously that means nothing in the situation i was in. I was not arrested or nothing like that. I had to give them my ID. My Soc number and sign something. im not kicked out of walmart either. they just told me to go home. im just really scared. im 18 and i never done anything wrong. i want to go to nursing school and have a good job. im really scared.

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Expect a punitive demand from the lawyers.

Never use a hoodie as a carryall.

REMEMBER: you can get through this!

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If no criminal charges were filed, then great . . . you won't have to worry about having a record, which can create problems if you're looking for a job. If criminal charges ARE filed, you should talk to a local attorney and ask about the ARD program. If the DA's office in your county agrees to accept you into the program, you will plead guilty and be put on probation. Once you have satisfied the terms of your probation and paid all fines and costs, you will be eligible to have the criminal record expunged.

As for the civil demand letter, they will probably demand that you pay for the concealed items (even though the store kept them) and they will probably tack on something like a "restocking fee." If you don't pay whatever they are asking for, then they will probably threaten to sue you in small claims court (in PA, the Magisterial District Court). As another answer advised, you WILL get through this.

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how is it possible to receive a criminal charge?

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