What is the child support calculator when both parents have costodial and legal joint custody, but one parent makes more?

I am about to go to meeting about my joint custody case and I have been told that for the children (2) the child support could be as little as $500 or as much as $1,300. Nobody seems to know how to figure joint child support when there is a substancial difference in salaries. Additionally, I have had a job change which puts much of my pay at risk, far more than before.

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Marshal Shawn Willick

Marshal Shawn Willick

Child Support Lawyer - Las Vegas, NV

Actually, the rules are pretty straightforward. For joint custody, it is the "Wright v. Osburn offset test," moderated by the presumptive maximums, all explained at length on our Child Custody page, and in the Rivero case, which is posted on that page. See: http://www.willicklawgroup.com/child_support.

If that explanation is not sufficient, or you need advice as to how it will be applied, you should probably seek consultation with an appropriate family law specialist. If you decide you would like to discuss this with one of the attorneys of this firm, please take a look at our consultation policies, procedures, and costs, at http://www.willicklawgroup.com/consultation_pol....

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