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What is the best Parenting Time for two children whose ages are 6 and 4 during summer break.

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The problem I have is this summer break. My youngest daughter is 4 and already has trouble with staying the night with people, since her dad was gone for 3 and half years she is afraid to stay with him. My 6 yr old attends school and it states he is to get half the summer with him but its not the same for my 4 yr old. My 6 yr old does not want to be without her sister because she is still afraid to be with him as well. I was thinking about modifying the order to visits to every other week during the summer since he was gone for 3 and half years and they are still not used to the idea of wanting to stay with him, just for this summer, but I don't know what to do when my 4 yr old gets home sick before the end of that week. In your opinion ,what do you think the visitations should be?

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  1. You certainly can try a modification and the court may agree with you, that a phase in would be good.. Perhaps you may want to seek counseling for the children and see what the counselor thinks would be best.

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  2. There is no definitive answer. What i would want to know is what parenting time is he exercising now? Is he exercising overnights? If he is, how many overnights and how are they going. These are all relevant questions to your issue.

    Also, please take into consideration that one half of the summer does not mean exactly that. Under our guidelines, he would get 2 weeks of uninterrupted parenting time. After those two weeks, you would have his parenting time schedule for the remainder of his half of the summer.

    Finally, if it really is a concern for the kids, discuss the issue with him and see if he would be willing to do a trial run some time before the summer, such as Spring break. If it goes well, it may not be as big a concern as you now think it is.

    The answers provided are for informational purposes only and shall not be considered legal advice on your specific fact situation. If you would like information specific to your particular fact situation, please feel free to contact me directly.

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